Healthcare Projects

Expand Sterile Processing Distribution (SPD)

Tampa VAMC, FL

2017 | $6.7 M | Above Average CCASS

This project involved providing new space for the Sterile Processing Distribution (SPD) and the Biomedical/Electronics Shop inside the VA. The existing spaces were outdated, outmoded, and not up to code for providing sterilization services for dentistry and surgery. The work was completed in 4 phases so that all hospital services remained fully active during construction.

This project was classified as ICRA Level IV, the most dangerous in terms of risk control. Major infection control efforts included: negative air machines/air scrubbers and air pressure monitoring; HEPA vacuums; dust control measures, such as sticky mats, cleaning stations, and 2-hour temporary drywall barriers between the construction area and other facility sections; hazmat suits during abatement measures; and bunny suits to maintain sterile areas.

Construction worker replacing window.

Window Replacement Phase VI

Miami VAMC, FL

$4.7 M | Outstanding CCASS

The design-build window replacement project included the removal and replacement of exterior windows on the multi-story, aging Miami VAMC facility. Work included the removal of existing hurricane shutters and windows, the preparation and cleaning of the existing openings, and installation of new impact-rated windows.  Due to the 14-story building height, the removal and replacement of the exterior portion of the project required the use of an elevated roof supported swing stage platform.

This project was classified as a Class II for infection control precautions. Since Jarrett was able to install the new windows in front of the existing exterior windows, no openings to the medical facility were ever compromised. Infection control measures included protective plastic, negative air machines, air scrubbers, containment door systems, sticky mats, patient and staff security measures, construction area protective barriers from active areas, and sticky mats. After the project was completed 5 months ahead of schedule, the VA said our performance on their active medical campus was “outstanding.”

Stucco building with palm trees in front that is the Hospice and Palliative Care Wing

VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic

Fort Wayne, IN

$3.9 M | Above Average CCASS

This project was a design-build construction of a single-story, 12,000 SF Hospice and Palliative Care Wing at the West Palm Beach VAMC. The addition includes 12 individual patient rooms, office space, family areas, a kitchen, nurses’ stations, grieving rooms, clean/dirty utility rooms, resource room/media library, chapel/meditation room, storage space, supporting utilities and infrastructure, entry area with security station, and garden area.

During construction, we worked to minimize disruption to the VAMC while building the addition within 20 feet of two active patient rooms. Additionally, construction closed off an emergency exit for that wing of the hospital, so we constructed a temporary emergency egress through an unoccupied patient room. We also coordinated tapping into major building systems to tie in the new addition’s utilities and infrastructure with the existing hospital. We coordinated with the VA to ensure this work in the main thorough fairs, any outages, and all modifications to the system did not negatively impact the VA.