Special Use Facilities

Single-story stucco and brick building that is a fragment simulation lab

Design-Build Fragment Simulation Lab – ERDC Facility

Vicksburg, MS

$2.34  | Very Good CPARS

This project included the design and construction of a new Fragment Simulation Laboratory and installation of a new building system to allow simulation fragment research. The new facility allows high speed photography penetration, x-ray imagery of penetration, faster projectile velocity, and simultaneous impact studies. The project included site work, access drives, erosion control measures, utilities, permitting, LEED, electrical, mechanical, environmental, geotechnical, and all infrastructure items to support the facility.

White pre-engineered metal building serving as a warehouse

Warehouse – Krome Service Processing Center

Miami, FL

$6.51 M | Satisfactory CPARS

This design-build project utilized an existing facility as the basis of the design and site adapted it for this location. This facility is a single-story warehouse facility with different types of storage locations and a loading dock. Also incorporated in the building are a few smaller service rooms for various divisions. The facility also features roughly 4,000 SF of finished administrative space for the facility operations. The project includes all associated construction and site work. Also included in the overall project scope is the installation of a 10” fire water main around the entire installation that includes tie ins to 2 buildings and the installation of multiple fire hydrants. The overall scope also includes the procurement and delivery of prefabricated detention cell units for use on another project to construct a new housing unit.